The mission of Zero2Webmaster is to enable you to build amazing websites that benefit society, fuel your business and fund your lifestyle. We look forward to helping you create a powerful online presence! 

Zero2Webmaster will teach you everything you need to know to launch and grow a successful web-based business.

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Hi! I am Dr. Kerry Kriger, Founder of Zero2Webmaster LLC. I’m glad you found me, because we’ve got some work to do!

My goal is simple: to take you from Zero2Webmaster.

I’m assuming you have little to no web design skills. You may be a struggling entrepreneur or stuck in a corporate or government job that you have begun to realize will never give you the creative freedom or the financial security you hoped for.

I’ve been building websites since 2008. The sites I’ve built have been viewed by millions of people around the world, powered worldwide social movements, raised millions of dollars, and have been the financial backbone of my nomadic lifestyle — I’ve been traveling around the world since 2014, working when I want, where I want, on what I want, and without any boss telling me what to do. I spend my time how I want to spend it, rather than how someone tells me to spend it.

I’ve spent thousands of hours designing sites, experimenting with different technologies, learning from my mentors and from my mistakes, and finally arriving at a point where I know exactly what works and what doesn’t. And I’ve been a professional educator since 2001, so I know how to teach and communicate effectively.

This means that we can get straight down to business so you can get up and running as fast as possible with a website that you built, that you understand, that you know how to manage and grow, and that will enable you to put your thoughts, products and services out into the world, acquire customers and bring in the money you need to fuel your business pursuits and fund your lifestyle.

If you need any help creating or improving your own website, whether it is a simple personal site, a charity website with donation pages, or a business site complete with e-commerce, e-learning, memberships, email marketing and a CRM, please let me know!

Best of luck on your journey from Zero2Webmaster, and I hope to design websites with you very soon!

Kerry Kriger, Ph.D.

Kerry Kriger Pichincha

Dr. Kerry Kriger on the slopes of the extinct volcano Rucu Pichincha, high above Quito, Ecuador.

Kerry Kriger Logo - Zero2Webmaster

Zero2Webmaster Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger playing a flute melody in Parque Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Websites That I Built


Environmental nonprofit website featuring 1,000+ well-organized articles, photo galleries, donation processing, private members area and online courses. Has received several million visitors and driven nearly two million dollars in revenues through donations, memberships, merchandise and ecotours sales. 

Bansuri Bliss

Music education website featuring private membership area with over 400 lessons organized into 25+ different courses. Lessons contain SoundCloud mp3’s, YouTube and Vimeo videos, downloadable PDF’s and quizzes to track student progress. 

New members join via a payment page where they can pay their membership dues with credit or debit card, in their choice of five different currencies.


E-commerce website selling high quality swimwear and accessories, with hundreds of products displayed in well-organized categories (e.g. bikinis, trikinis, cover ups, one-pieces). Online store accepts coupon codes, sales in multiple currencies and provides different shipping rates to different parts of the world. Embedded WhatsApp chat widget drives sales and facilitates customer support.

Manassas Foot Doctor

Medical practice website aimed at promoting foot and ankle care for a local privately owned doctor’s office. Webpages are focused on providing potential patients with information about the doctor and types of injuries and ailments he can treat. New patients are provided with forms to prepare for their first visit.


Political campaign website to support Derek LaMontagne’s run for the Mayor of Port Orange, Florida. Features pages highlighting the issues Derek plans to address as Mayor, and a donation page to raise funds. 

Aharon Wheels Bolsta

Music website of multi-instrumentalist Aharon Wheels Bolsta. Featuring pages for the instruments that Aharon plays and teaches, with embedded SoundCloud, Vimeo and YouTube clips.

Let's Do This...

Together We Can Build Amazing Websites

I love building websites and I’m looking forward to taking you from Zero2Webmaster!

“Thank you, Kerry. Your new website is a godsend, and exactly the resource we need to improve our website, In the coming weeks, I am sure we’ll have more questions, and if you are looking for an example for an upcoming webinar, we’d be happy to volunteer.
Thanks, Derek and the SaveSpruceCreek team”

When I’m not developing websites, you may find me hanging around the swamps looking for endangered frogs. The first website I ever built was, which has been visited by several million frog enthusiasts and amphibian conservationists worldwide.

Before You Go...

Educate Yourself

If you seek to understand the basics of modern day web design, watch this website training webinar given by Zero2Webmaster Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger. While aimed at environmental professionals and nonprofits, the ideas presented are applicable to the majority of small business owners.


Definition: web·mas·ter

One with the skills to build, manage and grow their website AND who is a master of a wide variety of web technologies and their application to real world business situations. In other words, a master of the web.

Zero: The state of nothingness. In this case, zero website design skills.

2: Like the word “to”, as in going FROM where you don’t want to be TO where you do want to be.

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