The mission of Zero2Webmaster is to enable you to build amazing websites that benefit society, fuel your business and fund your lifestyle. We look forward to helping you create a powerful online presence! 

Let Zero2Webmaster administer your WordPress website's creation, migration, hosting and backups.

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Site Administration

Most business owners want an amazing website, but not the hassles involved with creating the site, hosting it, backing it up, or figuring out what to do when something goes wrong. Zero2Webmaster’s Site Administration package was created to remove these issues and ensure you can focus your valuable time on creating great website content and selling your products and services.

What's Included:

Hosting & Backups

Zero2Webmaster will administer your site, specifically ensuring that your hosting and daily backups are running smoothly.

While we will administer your site, you will be the owner of the hosting account and thus maintain full control over your site.

We will have you create an account with Cloudways. They are our favorite hosting provider due to their low prices, transparency, reliability and excellent technical support.

Website Administration

Site Creation or Migration

If you already have a WordPress site, Zero2Webmaster will migrate it to Cloudways for you.

If you need a WordPress site, Zero2Webmaster will create a blank site (i.e. WordPress installed but no site content) that is ready for you to build out.

Either way, we will ensure your site is live and online as quickly as possible.

Domain Registration

If you do not yet have a domain name, we will instruct you on how to create an account with our favorite domain registrar and then purchase the domain name of your choice.

Zero2Webmaster will handle setting up your site’s DNS records so that site visitor’s are shown your website (as opposed to a message saying the site is parked!). Again, you will own the name and the account, and thus retain full control.


Hackers are unfortunately out there and will likely visit your website with nefarious intentions. Zero2Webmaster will help ensure the integrity of your site by:

  • Setting up your site’s SSL security certificate
  • Installing and configuring security software on your site
  • Setting up uptime monitoring so you receive immediate notifications if your site ever goes down.

Premium Plugins

Zero2Webmaster can provide your site with the following premium plugins.

The prices shown are what you would have to pay if you bought the licenses yourself…which you will NOT have to do if Zero2Webmaster is administering your site!

  • Elementor Pro ($49/yr)
  • Ultimate Addons For Elementor ($55/yr)
  • LaunchFlows ($199/yr)
  • WP Fusion ($247/yr)
  • LearnDash LMS: ($159/yr)
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: ($199)


You can email us unlimited questions about your site. These questions can be about ANYTHING website related, not just hosting and backups.

We will answer promptly and recommend next steps, which will be either how you can resolve the issue yourself, or what we could do together (for an additional fee as consulting services).

Kerry Kriger Websites

Zero2Webmaster Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger will serve as your personal contact when you need site assistance.

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