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Technology Recommendations

  • Technology can make our lives easier, improve our clients’ experience, and help us earn/raise more money.
  • Below is a list of important technologies, prepared by Zero2Webmaster Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger.
  • You can scroll right to see more columns; open to full screen by using button at the bottom right; sort and filter using the Sort and Filter buttons.
  • Created using Airtable, which is useful for organizing data and displaying it on webpages (among other things).
  • Check back here occasionally as we will add new recommendations as technology evolves (you can sort by Timestamp to see the newest entries).
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  • “Hiya Kerry! I love the embedded airtable. I started using it with Allison after your webinar. So fun!!!! Thank you so much for the resources. Very much appreciated.” 
    — Jennifer T., Humane Education